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NC Building Contractor License versus Residential Contractor License

A contractor license is needed to a person who individually wants to contract, sub-contract and or advertise a residential building or trade work. The Building contractor license covers a wider range of huge projects which go beyond just residential construction and therefore the individuals involved requires high training and skills to professionally manage them. The Residential contractor license s less complicated as compared to the building contractor as it does not involve complex projects. The North Carolina licensing board for the General contractors has been established to ensure the contractors in North Carolina meet the standards required to perform their projects.

The NC board mainly deals with safeguarding health, life, and property of the general contractors and also enhance the welfare of the citizens of North Carolina. It gives financial statements which are audited, examinations and deals with payments of other associated fees. The board requires that all businesses are registered. There are several processes that an individual requires to go through for them to acquire the license. It may be a tedious process but if an individual has the right information it becomes easy and quite fast.

It is a requirement by the NC licensing board for an individual to provide relevant information and pass their examination and also dive the correct documents as required by the board. It is advisory for an individual to keep in check several items before giving their application to the board. They include tax ID number, application, and licensing fees, a surety bond, a financial statement, identify the licensing limitations and the classification and get a qualifier. The NC license application takes two to three weeks to be reviewed.

The limitations of an individual are gaged in terms of the financial statement they provide to the board and how much their project is worth. The board gives an individual the permission to do the PSI exams when the complete the first steps successfully. An applicant is exempted from the exam if they had a license in the past four years or have done the NASCLA exams. In North Carolina all business company are required to have a business certificate to function legally. The licensed individuals also undergoes some training to enhance their professionalism and skills.

The importance of a license is displayed by the fact that it is the first thing the client demands. The license is proof that you have met the NC licensing board requirements. This gives the clients an assurance of your credibility and professionalism and hence better opportunities and earnings.

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