How to Open Up a New Amazon Seller Account

More than a million independent sellers now list their wares on Amazon’s sprawling digital marketplace. Selling on Amazon can be rewarding for anyone from a small-scale independent retailer to a large company with plenty of existing presences.

Regardless of the particulars, opening an amazon seller account is always the first step that needs to be taken. While the process is fairly straightforward, there are some quirks and intricacies that it will always pay to be aware of.

Getting Ready to Sell on the World’s Largest Marketplace

Given that Amazon receives a share of every sale facilitated through its marketplace, it should not be surprising that the company strives to make it easy to get started. Generally speaking, registering a new account as a seller on Amazon will require providing some information such as:

  • Contact details. Naturally enough, Amazon will need to know just who is behind a proposed new seller account. For individuals, a name and home address will be fine, and many of the active accounts on Amazon at the moment are of this kind. Established companies will need to provide a legal business name and other commonly requested information.
  • Plan type. Amazon offers sellers a choice between two plans when it comes to the fees that are to be paid. Individual sellers who do not anticipate much volume can opt for a plan where each sale incurs a one-dollar fee. Businesses and more active individuals will normally choose the “Professional” option, where a forty-dollar monthly subscription does away with those per-unit fees.
  • Financial information. Finally, Amazon also requires that every seller register a means of payment and a bank account to receive funds from sales. In most cases, credit card information and checking account details will be provided to serve these purposes. Most sellers will also need to enter tax-related information, whether that is a Social Security Number for an individual or an Employer Identification Number for a business.

A Simple, Straightforward Process

Most who make the effort discover that opening up a new seller account on Amazon is not difficult at all. Fortunately, there are also plenty of sources of support and more information for those who can use them.